About Us

Nature Spirit is Based in the hills of Byron Bay, Australia. We are part of a vibrant and creative community in Northern New South Wales. You can find us online and at selected Festivals on the East Coast of Australia.

We have always had a special connection to the natural world, living sustainably and caring for the earth. We are inspired to make our collection unique and beautiful but also comfortable, practical and affordable. Surrounded by some of Australia's most beautiful beaches and landscapes has inspired us to create a collection of clothing and accessories that reflects the colours and natural beauty of nature.

Our love of making unique handmade clothing grew into a small local market stall selling our creations inspired by festival and pixie style clothing.
Now as our clothing range becomes more popular we are grateful to be able to collaborate with small family run businesses. With mutual gratitude our tailor and we work together to create each piece with love and inspiration. We feel fortunate to be able to work with our team under fair and ethical practices. We still hand make some items in our store and we love designing unique and comfortable clothing.
All our Items are shipped from Australia with Australia Post who are very reliable and provide great service.
We believe our clothing is adaptable to many occasions, great for parties and festivals but also comfortable and affordable for everyday wear.

Blessings and Thanks for visiting !    


 For inquiries please contact us at info@naturespiritdesigns.com


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